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In the Croatian legal hierarchy, on first place stands the Supreme Court, followed by 15 county courts and 67 municipal courts with municipal courts with a trend to reduce the municipal courts. In addition to these common courts, there are three specialized courts: the Correctional Tribunal is the second instance for 61 correctional courts, the High Administrative Court is the second instance for four administrative courts and the High Commercial Court is the second instance for seven commercial courts.

The County Court in Rijeka (Županijski sud u Rijeci) is the court of second instance, Court of Appeal for seven municipal courts in Primorsko-Goranska County. Chairman of the Court is Mr. Veljko Miškulin. The Court has 33 judges, including the Chairman, of whom 20 are judges of the Section for Civil Matters and 12 judges of the Section for Criminal Matters.

The Court is based in the Palace of Justice which was built in 1906, during the Hungarian government. The Palace of Justice also houses the Municipal Court in Rijeka.

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      September, 06-09, 2016

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    • Köln Germania

      November, 01-04, 2016

      In the period November 01-04, 2016 will be held in Koln, Germany, the second training session in a series of three ... More

    • Suceava Romania

      March, 27-30, 2017

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      Kunštek Eduard si Cristian Pup traineri la Medulin in cadrul proiectului "Protecting the Civil Rights of the European Citizens – Multidisciplinary Approach"... More

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      Call for 3 trainers from EU member states.... More

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